Solving complex user and business problems through functional design.

Daniel Novykov UX Designer

As a person who works with startups and fast-growing brands, I understand the tech landscape and the importance of functional design. My area of focus lies in creating web and mobile products from shaping an idea to product release whether that means full project ownership or close collaboration with an existing team.

During my career, I worked on verticals including healthcare, finance, travel and social platforms as an in-house designer as well as an independent consultant. Today, I focus on staying small working with agile teams to be perfectly sized for a dynamic work, delivering results fast that is vital for startups.

How I work.

All projects are different and require a unique approach and yet it's important to have a defined design process from beginning to end. Steps may vary, but generally, I have 5:

1. Project kick-off

We start with understanding your vision, values and what makes you different. We set correct goals, determine product features and estimate the scope of work that will provide you with optimal business impact.

2. UX research & strategy

An in-depth research helps us to understand market conditions, analyze your competition and figure out users' needs, wants and pain points. This is a critical step where we remove assumptions to back up our decisions with qualitative data that will help us to avoid mistakes that would otherwise cost the extra time, money and resources.

3. Design

Coming up with a solution that solves user and business problems is an interesting path. It includes brainstorming ideas, sketching, wireframing, designing, prototyping, testing, refining and iterating again and again until the end design meets our goals.

4. Handoff and design support

During the design phase, I'll make sure to create a system that is scalable to the growth of your business. I will speck out all design resources and provide ongoing support to developers to ensure the correct design execution.

5. Launch & refine

Once your product is out and people use it, we take the time to review its performance. Getting feedback from users is essential as we can see where to improve and what strategy to follow in order to make the product even better.

Want to discuss a project? Just drop me a message and we'll be in touch!