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Hi, I’m Daniel — a product designer working with tech startups to create great products and brands.
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Recent work.

Car sharing app

Travel / 2019 / Product Design

For the past years, car sharing services showed benefits for high-density cities like Toronto, as they reduce inefficient and costly car ownership, traffic, air pollution and require fewer parking spots. For this project, I was hired to design a peer-to-peer car sharing mobile app that provides unique benefits to both car renters and owners.

Currently in development. Case study coming soon.

Image for investment management app

Data-heavy B2B platform for fund managers

Fintech / 2019 / Research, IA, UX, UI

As a sole designer on the team I worked closely with developers and finance experts to create an investment application for the US market.

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Image for Zootch – a messenger appImage for Zootch – a messenger appImage for Zootch – a messenger app
Social networking / 2018 / Research, IA, UX, UI

Zootch is a messenger app that allows people to connect and communicate without revealing their private data like Facebook account or phone number. My role in this project was to design iOS and Android apps, create brand identity followed by designing and launching a promo website. Currently, the app grows fast showing considerable adoption among universities and schools.

check the app
Image for NetZero – an invoice factoring app
NetZero logo
Fintech / 2018 / UX, UI

During this collaboration with FundThrough, a leading online factoring and invoice funding platform, I was responsible to design a pilot web app with key improvements to company's existing product line. After its launch, NetZero turned out to be an instant hit which lead to implementing its core features into other products.

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Fuelhunt app screens
Automotive / 2015

Being a Founder, I led this project from the discovery phase and defining the product through the iterative development of MVP. During a user-centered approach in design, I collected the data from research, usability tests and user interviews to create the app that solves users pains with minimal distractions.

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KAYAK app redesign concept
KAYAK iOS app redesign concept
Travel / 2016

As a traveler who always faces the necessity to utilize a variety of apps to plan, book and track trips, I designed this concept to see if it's possible to create an ultimate solution for the journey. The research and design decisions showcased in a short case study.

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